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About Me

My project (see my PhD Outline) lies at the intersection of philosophical methodology and philosophy of language, as well as related areas in social ontology and feminist theory. More specifically, it contributes to the recent developments in conceptual engineering and social group generics. In particular, I work on the issues in the debate about the so-called pernicious and beneficial generics about social groups (e.g. “Muslims are terrorists,” “Blacks are violent,” “Girls are tough,” “Girls are good at math”) in the context of conceptual engineering.


I have presented and published on issues of direct reference, singular thought and mental files, curiosity, pejoratives, social kind concepts, generics and conceptual engineering.

I am a doctoral research fellow in philosophy in a joint program between the Univerity of Oslo and The St Andrews and Stirling Graduate Programme in Philosophy (SASP)). Currently, I am a member of Arc (Philosophical research centre for Logic, Language, Metaphysics and Epistemology, St Andrews), and ConceptLab (Research centre on Conceptual Engineering, Oslo). 

I received a double BA and a double MA degrees in Philosophy and Croatian language and literature from the University of Rijeka (Croatia). I completed my second MA in Philosophy at the Central European University (Budapest). I have spent considerable time conducting research as a visiting fellow at several universities; including the University of St. Andrews, Charles University in Prague, University of Graz, University of Vienna, Comenius University in Bratislava. In addition to my studies, I worked numerous years as an editorial assistant for the European Journal of Analytic Philosophy.


In my spare time, I enjoy running, bouldering, photographing, and writing poetry. I am a team member of the Culture of Critical Thinking, a student initiative that promotes critical thinking through short educational videos.

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